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A name for your lobster

lobster image courtesy: www.divegallery.com Lobsters are such unique creatures, coming up with a name for your new pet is full of crazy possibilities! You can name it after its huge claws, its inquisitive eyes, its beautiful shell, or even its grumpy expression. Go crazy is my suggestion!

Here are some names for boy lobsters:

  1. Groucho
  2. Clawd (Claude)
  3. Lobby Lobberstein
  4. Daryl of the Deep
  5. Trapper McDonald
  6. Caveman Crayg

And some names for girl lobsters:

  1. Clawdia (Claudia)
  2. Primrose Pincer
  3. Eight-legged Alice
  4. Handshake Hattie
  5. Granny Green
  6. Oyster-loving Olivia

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