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The Newt

Fire-bellied Newts

by Leonard Rego

What has four legs, a long tail, is jet black on top and fiery orange underneath? Take a good guess, because it might very well be your next pet! It's the Fire-bellied Newt (pronounced 'nyoot'), a fun little amphibian perfect for those who are newt - forgive the pun - to keeping pets.

A newt is a small aquatic salamander, and looks-wise it is a much cuter version of a miniature lizard. Among the most beautiful, in my opinion, are the fire-bellied kind, and because they're so popular, you should find them easily at any good pet store.

The bright orange (and sometimes reddish) markings on the newt's underside are a warning to predators to keep away, and these black beauties like to show their colours off when they prop themselves up against the glass wall of the aquarium.

Best of all, I can bet most of your friends have never even heard of such a thing as a pet newt, and you can proudly show yours off in school at show-and-tell or during a biology project. newt

  1. Before you buy your newt
  2. Choosing your pet
  3. Care and feeding
  4. A name for your newt
  5. Newt Trivia

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