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The Newt

A name for your newt

newt image courtesy: http://newt150.tripod.com/ Think of names that reflect your new pet's unique features, such as its long tail, its fiery underside or its resemblance to lizzies. I once had a pair of fire-bellied newts, and I called them Pyro (from pur, the Greek word for fire) and Whiplash (because of his long tail).

Here are some names for boy newts:

  1. Fiero
  2. The Real Swim Shady
  3. Newton (Newt-on, get it?)
  4. Torpedo
  5. Sluggy or Buggy (because they love slugs and bugs)

And some names for girl newts:

  1. Ms. Wiggles
  2. Red Hiding Wood (because she's half red and hides under the driftwood)
  3. Enya
  4. Ebony (means 'black')
  5. Scarlett O'Hara (Scarlet means 'red')

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