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Choosing your pet

image courtesy www.rossparkzoo.com Ball pythons all look pretty much alike, but don't go 'Eeny, meeny, miny, moe…" when the time comes to choose one. Choose a snake that has a well-rounded body, clean eyes and nostrils, and shows no signs of respiratory problems like wheezing and bubbles around the nostrils. Needless to say, the snakes' cages should also be clean and free of poop.

Monty should be alert and inquisitive, and should grip your hand gently when handled, although he can be skittish before he calms down enough to be held. Avoid aggressive snakes that lunge at you every time you try to pick them up. The python's mouth should be clean with a pinkish tint and no signs of mucus. A good book on ball pythons will teach you all this, plus how to look for ticks and mites.

If he hasn't been fed recently, you could ask the store attendant to show you a feeding demonstration to check whether or not he takes his meals readily. If he has been fed, ask for when his next feeding is so you can visit again to watch, because it is very important to make sure your new pet will eat without a fuss.

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