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Holy Spirit Interactive Youth: Animal Farm: Stick Insect: Before you buy your Stick Insect

Before you buy your Stick Insect

image courtesy www.terraristik.org I'll admit, these twiggy creatures are a bit hard to find in regular pet shops, and the ones I've seen have been in woody areas in Goa, which is in India. Still, some pet stores keep phasmids, and if you do find one, it will definitely make an interesting pet. The easiest ones to care for are Indian or Laboratory walking sticks.

Housing a stick is easy, and does not require special equipment. An aquarium about as high as three times the stick's length is sufficient, and we'll talk more about this later. There are many different species, so buy a book that educates you on the care, feeding and housing of a phasmid. Different species may have different humidity and housing needs, so read up carefully on the one you decide to buy.

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