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The Tarantula

A name for your tarantula

image courtesy: http://www.fog-ware.com/ScienceAtHome/Spider1.htm Easy-peasy - I'll bet you can think of names for each one its legs! That would be confusing for the spider, though, so let's just stick to naming the whole hairball instead, what say?

Here are some names for boy tarantulas:

  1. Tip-toe Terry
  2. Hairy Houdini
  3. Daddy Longlegs (although that is actually the name of one of the spider's relatives, otherwise known as the Harvestman)
  4. Hagar the Horrible
  5. Cliff Climber
  6. Sprinting Stanley

And some names for girl tarantulas:

  1. Tap-dancing Tessie
  2. Hairyet
  3. 'Fraidy Freda
  4. Granny Grey
  5. Lil' Miss Muffet

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