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Holy Spirit Interactive is pleased to present Mark Hart, the Bible Geek, who will answer all the difficult questions you might have about the Bible. If you have a question, please e-mail it to us at info@holyspiritinteractive.net and we will answer it for you as soon as possible.

This week: The Lord of Hosts
There are several places in the Old Testament where it says “the Lord of hosts”. What does this title for God mean? Is it connected to the communion hosts we use at mass that become Jesus’ body? The answer!

From Past Weeks

  1. Why Did Jesus Get Baptized?
  2. What Does “Fear of the Lord” Really Mean?
  3. Who Was Mary Magdalene?
  4. Did the Transfiguration Really Happen?
  5. Who Were James and John?
  6. Why Go To Church On Sundays?
  7. Peaceful Jesus with a Sword?
  8. Premarital Sex and the Bible
  9. Is Everything Possible For God?
  10. Is Hell Real?
  11. Why Aren't Dinosaurs in the Bible?
  12. Why Differing Resurrection Stories?
  13. Was Christ's Passion Foretold?
  14. What are Holy Days of Obligation?
  15. The Tower of Babel
  16. Where was the Garden of Eden?
  17. Bunking Down on Noah's Ark
  18. The answer!
  19. 666: Mark of the Beast?
  20. Was the World Really Created in Six Days?
  21. Mortal Sins and Venial Sins
  22. When in Romans ...
  23. Did God Create Satan?
  24. Stem Cell Research: Right or Wrong?
  25. Mary's Perpetual Virginity
  26. Who wrote the Gospel of John?
  27. Be Not Afraid!
  28. Reading the Gospels
  29. In God We Trust?
  30. When Was Jesus Born?
  31. Do Catholics Worship Idols?
  32. In God We Trust?
  33. Who were the Magi?
  34. David and Goliath's Head
  35. The Plagues of Egypt
  36. What is Opus Dei?
  37. Struggling with Masturbation
  38. Santa Claus versus the Easter Bunny
  39. What Does IHS Stand For?
  40. In the Image and Likeness of God?
  41. The Priest's White Robe
  42. Reading the Gospels
  43. Is the Catholic Faith Bible Based?
  44. Why Don't Teens Pray More?
  45. Ridiculed for Faith
  46. What does I.N.R.I. mean?
  47. Why Are People So Old In The Old Testament?
  48. Is Masturbation Okay?
  49. Saints Alive!
  50. Raising Children
  51. Losing Sight of God
  52. What's Missing in WORSHP?
  53. Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit
  54. Catholics vs Protestants
  55. Why is it called "Mass"?
  56. Understanding the Epistles
  57. Lectio Divina
  58. The Pharisees
  59. Narrative Books
  60. Why does the Catholic Church have so many rules?
  61. The Lord of Hosts
  62. Getting Deeper Into Mass
  63. Where in the Bible?
  64. Was Jesus the Messiah?
  65. Sin and Salvation
  66. A Catholic Grab Bag
  67. Doctors of the Church
  68. St. Paul, Sex and the Party Life
  69. Isn't Marriage about Love, not Gender?
  70. Why is the Book of Romans such a Whopper?
  71. Prophecies of Christ's Passion
  72. Why are Horoscopes Bad?
  73. What is Confirmation all About?
  74. Love and Sex
  75. Who Wrote the Bible?
  76. Hanging a Rosary

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