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Who Was Mary Magdalene?

There have been books published recently suggesting that Mary Magdalene was a disciple of Jesus and also his wife. It has also been suggested that Jesus fathered a child with Mary Magdalene. I know better than to believe everything I read... but I'm curious as to your response on these ideas. Thanks.

This is a very popular question right now, yet, the answer is not quite as popular. Honestly, when it comes to all of the books like these that are lining the bookstore shelves and making a killing at the cash register, I have one word for ya'...


That is in NO way meant to be sarcastic or anything like that. I sincerely mean it. These books are absolute fiction, no more realistic than Willy Wonka.

You see, anytime that books with "religious themes" come out they are hits, for several reasons. Too many to go into here. The truth, however, is that usually these books have done nothing more than to take characters or themes that people "know" from "religion" and twist them around to "intrigue" people to read more.

Honestly, this would be no different than if I were to make up a story about an "error" in the Greek translation and say that it wasn't a "star" at Jesus' Birth, but "something in the stars", and then used other texts inappropriately to prove that it was a UFO that pointed to the Baby Jesus' birth. I know that is a totally stupid premise, but it was the worst that I could come up with.

Jesus is the truth, not fiction.
Jesus is THE way, not "a" way.
Jesus is the life...as in, not death.

"Jesus said to them, 'I am the way and the truth and the life.'" - John 14:6

Mary Magdalene was a real woman, a follower of Jesus, and later a saint. It is NOT inappropriate, even, to call her a disciple of Jesus - she was, a disciple is merely a student, quite literally "one who sits at the feet of a teacher".

As for her being married to Jesus or anything of that sort, there is absolutely nothing in either Sacred Scripture or Sacred Tradition to ever come close to supporting such an insane theory.

Never forget that the Jesus came to save sinners, and most publishers, as creative and imaginative as they are in marketing, "have come to make money."

The Bible is the book about the Almighty God, not a book made for the almighty dollar.

Have no fear. Jesus was single.

Remind your friends and family to check the section the book is in before picking it, pick intelligently and read prayerfully.

THANKS for the question!

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