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Is Hell Real?

At a meeting recently, someone stated that there are no references to "hell" in the New Testament... that Jesus never spoke of hell. Is that true? If not, could you tell us where the references are?

So, your question is, "Where the hell?" I don't care what anybody says, that's funny.

Yes, there are references to hell throughout the New Testament, and Jesus spoke about it frequently. No, it’s not titled “hell”, it goes by other names, but the fact of hell, state of hell, result of hell, etc. is undeniable. The state of “hell” is often referred to by the Hebrew word, sheol. It’s also, often, referred to in the Greek word, hades.

Now, realize, that these places I’ve listed above don’t necessarily mean the exact same thing as “hell”, they are synonymous, but they are understandings of the state of hell, as they permeated the consciousness of the people. That’s a big way of explaining that it doesn’t literally appear as “hell” in the scriptures.

Live for Heaven, and pray for those who aren’t...So, “where is hell mentioned in Scriptures, basically?” Well, there are several places, actually, that point out the truth of “H-E-double hockey sticks”.

Whenever you hear the term Gehenna, that is another term for hell. You’ll find Jesus reference it in such verses as:

MT 5:22, 29-30
MT 10:28
MT 18:9
MT 23:15, 33
MK 9:43-47
LK 12:5

Also, often times when you see the word darkness, it can be referring to the devil’s home:

MT 8:12
MT 22:13
MT 25:30
JN 3:19

Other places within the New Testament, beyond the Gospels, which reference that hot and unholy place include:

ACTS 2:20
ACTS 26:18
COL 1:13
1THES 5:5
2 THES 1:9
JUDE 1:13
REV 16:10
REV 19:19-21
REV 20:7-15
JMS 3:6

The Old Testament, too, speaks of the place where God’s love does not exist – the place that we call hell…it is often referred to as Sheol. A few of the (over 70) places that you can read about sheol are:

NUM 16:30-35
1 SAM 2:6
2 SAM 22:6
JOB 11:8
PROV 9:18
AMOS 9:2
ISA 14:9
EZEK 31:16-17
And scattered throughout the Psalms.

Further, in the Old Testament, you can read:

Job 33:24
Psalm 63:9
ISA 28:18, 30:33
EZE 32:19

Hope this helps. Do everything you can to keep your path straight to heaven.

It’s one thing to talk or read about hell – but it’s something totally different to be on the path there.

Live for Heaven, and pray for those who aren’t.

Be God’s.

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