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Where was the Garden of Eden?

What was the Garden of Eden like? Where was it located?

Head downtown (no matter what downtown you are in) to 52nd street, and head east...keep going, keep going, keep going. Now go east some more. Okay, almost there, just a few thousand more miles. Go east a little bit more. Okay, when you get to the Middle East, stop, and you might be where the Garden of Eden would have been.

Honestly, no one knows for sure where the Garden of Eden would have been. Archaeologists, historians, Biblical scholars and a bunch of other people with big titles and lots of official "letters" after their names who work in dusty environments surrounded by skeletons and scrolls and maps have debated for years and years over the existence of Eden, the exact location and physical attributes. Many of these egghead braniacs are "sure". Most, however, disagree. So who's right? They all are or none of them are, you choose.

It has been said to have been in Armenia, in the region west of the Caspian Sea, in Media, near Damascus, in Palestine, in Southern Arabia, and even in Babylonia. It, almost assuredly, would have been found somewhere along the Tigris and/or Euphrates Rivers of Western Asia, in a place called 'the land of Shinar'. The entire region is rich and fertile and could play host to just about every type of wildlife and plant life.

What we do know is what the Bible tells us about the physical make-up of the Garden of Eden. You can read about it in Genesis 2:8-17. We know there were trees. We know there was a stream. We know it was beautiful and shameless and perfect.

If you want to read more about the supposed/proposed location of the Garden of Eden, read the works of German scholar Friedrich Delitsch, who wrote extensively on the subject/topic in the mid to late 19th century, and check out the Catholic Encyclopedia at www.newadvent.org.

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