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Is Masturbation Okay?

I'm a little confused about masturbation. I know its wrong because it says so in the Bible, but recent studies (I'm sure you've heard them) have shown that masturbating is good for you as it may protect against prostrate cancer. My great-grandpa died of this cancer and my grandpa has prostrate problems. Does this justify masturbation?

Cigarette commercials in the 1950’s were done by doctors. When it comes to health, information changes. Give it long enough and people will probably say that cocaine and meth amphetamine usage will lower the risk of heart disease because it increases blood flow to and from the heart.

Regardless, though, this is not a question about “health” of body, but of soul.

I understand your question and I appreciate your humility in asking it. I'm sorry to hear about your grandfathers, and I will keep them (and you) in my prayer.

The truth, though, is that the end does not justify the means. And that is exactly what this is, yet another attempt to justify sin.

Masturbation is a sin, plain and simple. I know that’s not the popular answer, but it is true. Read more about the sacredness of sexuality and about overcoming the struggle of masturbation.

Honestly, whether or not you get cancer stems from a thousand possible reasons. And consider this…not masturbating will not only garner God’s favor, but God’s grace…and there is no better place to be in, than a state of grace, should (God forbid) you end up battling cancer.

So, to answer your question…no, it is not justifiable to masturbate in hopes of protecting against cancer. God is bigger than that. His love and mercy are bigger than that. Stay in right relationship with God, and trust that His will will, indeed, be done.

You are stronger than you think you are, you just need to pray. And I will be praying for you.

Thank you, again, for your humility and your vulnerability in asking your question. Be God's,

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