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What's Missing in WORSH_P?

Just recently things have been changing around my parish, and at Mass, and one thing changed by our priest was how we sing praise and worship songs. Now we are singing Here WE are to worship instead of Here I am to worship and etc. Why is it prohibited by the Catholic faith for the congregation to sing P&W songs with "I" in them?

Thank you for taking the time to ask this question. This is a deep question, actually, one that it would take a great deal of time to explain the theology and methodology behind, as it has to do with the far more than “one priest’s preference” and far more to do with liturgy. That being said, here’s the short answer:

It’s not prohibited. Nowhere does it say that you are not allowed to do so. It has to do with timing within the liturgy, and with expressing a communal nature (everyone, not just a single person) of the mystical body of Christ at those moments within the Mass.

If that is the decision that your pastor has made, obey it and respect him. We learn more through obedience than through dissent. There are plenty of other worship songs that can help you move deeply into the heart of God. Sing the other ones in non-Mass settings.

Over time you will probably see or hear more explanation and you will, in your lifetime, continue to see things like this change in the Mass. Certain elements within the Mass are organic, and some things change over time.

But know this, it’s not wrong to sing praise and worship songs with “I” in them. If that was wrong, we'd have to throw out the Psalms…all 150 of them…

I hope this helps!

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