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Catholics vs Protestants

I am extremely anti-Protestant and I was just wondering why it is so wrong for me not to like them and get them in a witch hunt. I believe that they are following false prophets with the sola scriptura doctrine. I also think they are hypocrites. They teach their youth that we aren't Christians so it's okay for them to hate us. Why can't we do the same?

First of all, if you are as Catholic as you claim to be, I’d challenge you to remember that, as a Catholic, you are a Christian. To be a Christian is more than a designation (as you pointed out) it is to be reflected in every corner of your life, in every facet of your soul. That begins with mercy, not judgment, with humility not pride. I’d like to encourage you to go to Church, sit in the presence of Jesus in His most Blessed Sacrament, fall on your knees and ask Him for mercy, compassion and humility when it comes to this topic which is obviously a bit of a stumbling block for you. Also, I would read Matthew 7:5, as you pray, and journal about it for a while.

Next, I want to caution you. To be Catholic does NOT mean to be "anti-protestant". That is the first problem…pride. It was the problem in Eden, too (Gen. 3). Pride will kill you. Would Jesus want us to be "anti" anyone? That very notion goes against the entire foundation of Christianity. Now, please don’t mistake what I am saying, that does not mean that we embrace sin or turn a blind eye to it, it means, instead, that we embrace sinners, realizing first, that we ourselves are sinners.

Trying to "get anyone" in a "witch hunt" is not of Christ. That is not what He wants from you or for you. He wants us to be one (Eph. 4:4-7), united…taking a self-righteous or "know it all" status with others is wrong. While "sola scriptura" is in itself, anti-scriptural, it is not a rally cry for you to cast judgment or to condemn, that too is anti-scriptural. I want to caution you, also, when you say that "they are hypocrites". Truthfully, I know as many Catholic hypocrites as I do Christians of other denominations. Hypocrisy is blind to denomination.

Your Catholicism is not a badge of honor that gives you the right to judge, condemn or hate. It is the call to love, regardless of denomination or belief, ALL who God put in your path. John 3:16 reminds us that "God so loved the world", not "God so loved the Catholic". Spend time praying and reading the Psalms and Proverbs and Matthew 5, for greater insight into how to grow in humility and meekness.

I had the great blessing of receiving a blessing from His Holiness John Paul the Great, before he went home to Heaven. He wrote more than any of our previous Popes when it came to ecumenism (basically, respect and love for other faiths) and the need to be humble, loving and to strive toward unity, not cast others away because of differences. I will be praying for you on this journey of yours, and I challenge you to reach out in love to Christians of other denominations, walking with them like Christ walked with the two on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24), unpacking the beauty of the Gospel and the mystery of the Eucharist on your journey.

Also, to any non-Catholics reading this post, please understand that the person asking this question does not speak for the mind and heart of the Catholic Church. They are confused and searching, like any other child of God. We are all sinners seeking salvation. Christ unifies us. May we all pray together in commonality in Christ, and trust that the differences, doctrinal and disciplinary, will be worked out through prayer and understanding, over time.

The Catholic Church has 2000 years of history, a pedagogical unfolding of God’s divine revelation in its fullness. To think that any denomination with one or two hundred years, or even five hundred years, could understand the depth and breadth of the Catholic faith quickly, is short-sighted to say the least. Catholics who move forward in pride and not humility are not forging a solution, but adding to a problem.

The truth is that all the perceived "anti-Catholic" people throughout history have not done 1/1000th of the damage to the Catholic Church as prideful, angry or judgmental Catholics have done.

All that being said, I’m proud to be a Roman Catholic. I am a sinner who needs Jesus, as my Savior not just my healer. And I am yearning for the day I get to see Him face to face when He calls me home…until then, we’re all in this together.

Let all Christians say…Amen.

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