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I think I heard that there are 14 narrative books. What are they?

You are correct, my brother in Christ.

Out of the 73 books of the Bible (yes, 73, not 66), there are 14 narrative books that, if read in order, give you the overall, "chronological" story of Salvation history.

And as you mentioned in your question, in T3: The Teen Timeline, we go through the "big picture" of salvation history and explain how all the books work together and how the Old Testament and New Testament give us one big story. If anyone is interested in T3 check out the Life Teen Store on this site. It's a fun, interactive DVD Bible Study series that teaches you how to read Scripture and how everything fits together.

Okay, now...back to "the story".

I want to make it clear that these 14 books are not "superior" to the other 59 books.

What we mean by "narrative" books refers to how the narrative story of salvation unfolds in the Bible.

Let's explain it this way...

If you pick up a mystery novel at the local bookstore, you start on page 1 and end on page 350 or whatever. You read that book left to right, from beginning to end, and you have the entire "story" in order. By the way..."the butler usually didn't do it".

The Bible isn't assembled that way, however, and wasn't really intended to be read "left to right", from Genesis through to Revelation. The word "bible" comes from the Latin word biblia which means "collection of books". It was assembled by types, groups and styles of literary writings. Put simply, it wasn't assembled to be "read through like a storybook".

What happens when you read the following 14 books in order, is that you begin to see the "big picture" of salvation, the "big story" from beginning to end...as if you were reading it (like you would a modern novel) from start to finish.

The narrative books in order are:

1 Samuel
2 Samuel
1 Kings
2 Kings
1 Maccabees

I was very pleased to get to create T3 (based upon Jeff Cavins' very popular The Great Adventure Bible Timeline series)...specifically because i believe it is very user-friendly, engaging and fun way to begin reading and studying Scripture.

I'd strongly encourage you to try T3 or, at the very least, to begin praying through these books on your own.

You will be amazed at how the readings, the Mass and your personal study begin to "come to life" in a whole new way.

And don't forget...you're not an insignificant character in "the greatest story ever told". In God's mind and heart, you're a primary character.

Believe it!

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