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Holy Spirit Interactive Youth: Bible Geek: What is Confirmation all About?

What is Confirmation all About?

What is Confirmation all about and where does it come from in the Bible?

Confirmation is probably the most misunderstood Sacrament out of the seven. Let’s take a quick look at the misconceptions, shall we?

Misconception #1:

Many Catholics view the Sacrament of Confirmation as a type of “graduation”.

The Sacrament of Confirmation does not signify the end of your religious education or formation. Likewise, it is not the end of the parents’ responsibilities either. The idea that “I just have to get my kid their Sacraments” is not only a bad idea, it’s bad theology. Confirmation is not an end; it’s a new beginning.

Misconception #2

Some Catholics think that Confirmation is a time for the child/teen to “confirm” or “accept for themselves” what was begun at their Baptism.

Again, this is incorrect. Confirmation completes the reception of grace that was begun with the grace of Baptism. It’s not about what you have to proclaim. It is about the Church confirming what happened to you at Baptism and saying that you are ready to receive the Holy Spirit in this manner.

Misconception #3

Some think that a sponsor has to be a relative or the godparent.

Sometimes, well-intentioned parents insist on who your sponsor “should be”. Their input is great and should always be respected, but the decision is yours. Just you were named for “Great Aunt Agatha,” or because “cousin Hector” hasn’t gotten to be a sponsor yet doesn’t mean they are spiritually prepared for the duty. The sponsor should not only be a confirmed Catholic who goes to mass every week, but an example of what it means to live the faith. It doesn’t have to be your godparent or even a family member. The choice is yours. Find someone you look up to and respect in the faith, in or out of your family tree, and prayerfully consider them.

As for Great Aunt Agatha, you can always invite her to the Rite of Confirmation Mass to see you receive the Sacrament. Oh, and tell her to get there early, it’ll probably be crowded.

Looking for its basis in Sacred Scripture?

Check out - Luke 3:16, John 1:33, 14:26; Acts 2:1-12; 8:14–17; 9:17; 19:6, 1 Corinthians 12-14, Romans 8:1-13, Hebrews 6:1-2

Its Old Testament roots can be found in - Exodus 19:16-19, Leviticus 23:15-22, Numbers 28:26-31, Joel 3:1-5?

Also, check out the Catechism - CCC 1285-1321.

You can read more about this (and 99 other important Catholic topics) in 100 Things Every Catholic Teen Should Know

I hope this helped!

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