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Your Guide to Christian Music
Michael Card
In a career that spans nearly 30 years, Michael Card has authored or co-authored 9 books, recorded over 20 albums, hosted two radio programs, written for a wide range of magazines and started his own magazine. In everything he does, Card seeks to encourage listeners to join him in his journey to know and be known by God by talking with one another.
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The Bible and the Sun's Circuit: In speaking of the sun, the psalmist (800 B.C.) said that "his going forth is from the end of the heaven, and his circuit unto the ends of it: and there is nothing hid from the heart thereof" (Psalm 19:6). For many years critics scoffed at this verse, claiming that it taught the doctrine of egocentricity (i.e., the sun revolves around the earth). Scientists at that time thought the sun was stationary. However, it has been discovered in recent years that the sun is in fact moving through space at approximately 600,000 miles per hour. It is traveling through the heavens and has a "circuit" just as the Bible says, its circuits is so large it would take approximately 200 million years to complete one orbit. [Read More]

Chastity: A Guide For Teens
On the nobility of celibacy and virginity, voluntarily embraced from a motive of virtue.
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Bible Geek
The Lord of Hosts
There are several places in the Old Testament where it says ďthe Lord of hostsĒ. What does this title for God mean? Read more

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Love and Life
Don't Worry;
Be Happy

So then: What is happiness?

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Young people around the world adored Pope John Paul II. Here are a collection of 52 reflections based on the life and sayings of the late Pope.

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