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How (and why) to return to Sunday mass

Reason 1: Itís your way to relive the Last Supper.

Reason 2: When was the last time you prayed too much?

Quick Tip
Be early. Would you come late to your wedding? (Women, donít answer!)

Reason 3: If you want to spend an eternity with Christ, you need to get to know him now.

Reason 4: Itís the central, necessary activity of Christian worship (Luke 22:14-23; John 6:53ff; 1 Corinthians 11:23-26).

Reason 5: Itís your best way to identify yourself with Christís sacrifice on the cross.

Reason 6: Some of the greatest people in history made it a habit to go to Mass (St. Francis, Mother Teresa, John Paul II Ö)
Reason 7: Wise people invest money for the future. How much more should we invest in eternal life?

Reason 8: It has to be better for you than TV.
Reason 9: If youíve been to confession, you get to receive Jesus Christ. If you find a better deal, do that instead.

Quick Tip
Be well dressed. Would you come dressed for jogging if you were invited to the White House?

Reason 10: If you knew Jesus would be somewhere, wouldnít you go see him?

Reason 11: Guaranteed Bible readings. Countless lives have been changed by Scripture. Might yours?

Quick Tip
Quick Tip Communion is open to all who are not conscious of committing a serious sin (anything from missing Sunday Mass to infidelity) since their last confession.
Reason 12: Statistics say that people who go to church are happier and less stressed out.

Quick Tip
Forgotten what to do at Mass? Youíll remember. Itís like riding a bicycle! Follow the Mass closely with a helper: missalette, missal or Magnificat.

Reason 13: Itís the best way to pray for your family and friends ó and to cope with troubled times.

Reason 14: 1 out of ten Commandments asks us to go to Mass every Sunday.

Reason 15: Youíll become a better person at Mass. The more you are part of Godís life, the better youíll be.

Reason 16: Life is complicated. Get directions that work ó from the One who created life.

Reason 17: Itís your way to go most directly through Jesus Christ to God the Father by the power of the Holy Spirit in prayer.

Reason 18: Is one hour too much to give to God? How many do you spend on other priorities?

Common Good Excuses

Whatís in it for me?
Everything! God desires only and always your good. He became a man in large part to give us himself in the Mass. Why should you deny yourself such a gift?

I donít need to go to Mass to get close to God.
At Mass, you receive God himself ó Jesus Christ truly present in the sacrament. Even a beautiful mountain vista canít compare to that.

I had a bad experience with the Church.
This is always sad. But many of us also had bad teachers ó and we know the whole education system isnít bad. Jesus wants to bring you healing at Mass.

I donít get anything out of Mass.
Donít expect it to be entertainment. Learn about what it does: joins us to Christ, separates us from sin, wipes away venial sins, commits us to the poor, prepares us for heaven.

I donít have the time.
God has been very generous with time: 24 hours a day, 168 hours a week. Thatís less than 1% of your week. You have the time; find it.

Iím a sinner. I donít deserve to be at Mass.
Welcome to the club! We are a Church of saved sinners. None of us deserves to be here. See you at the confessional Ö