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How (and why) to Pray

Quick Tip
God likes to converse with you the way you like to converse with others: He doesn’t want you to rattle on and hardly notice him.

Reason 1: If you had the chance to talk to Mother Teresa, wouldn’t you? Christ is infinitely greater, and you have the chance every day.

Reason 2: Don't you talk frequently and for significant amounts of time to those you love?

Reason 3: As a baptized person, you are the representative of Christ’s love at home, at work and in social situations. You will only represent him well if you’ve prayed.
Quick Tip
Prayer is made of ACTS.

Reason 4: Prayer will transform your day and make it fruitful and fulfilling.

Quick Tip
Start by remembering God is present and telling him in your own words why you believe in him, hope in him and love him.

Reason 5: Only God can make you truly happy. Not your spouse, not your body, not your intellect. Know him.

Quick Tip
Read a brief passage from the Gospels, and picture it happening. You can even imagine Christ sitting with you.

Reason 6: Do you want to go to heaven? Then get ready with habitual prayer.

Reason 7: Read Luke 10:38-42: Jesus says there is “only one thing necessary.”

Reason 8: Mental prayer is the only thing that will soften your heart besides suffering.

Quick Tip
If you get “stuck,” you can slowly repeat the words of a simple prayer like: “My God, I adore your divine greatness from the depths of my littleness.”

Reason 9: Christ doesn’t want you to pray because you have to. He wants you to pray because he loves you and likes talking to you.

Reason 10: Faithful prayer can give you in a moment what otherwise takes years of experience to gain.

Life of Friendship With God

Read the Gospels.
The first four books of the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) recount what Jesus actually did and said, how he reacted to situations, what he asked. Meet Christ there for 5 minutes a day at a regular time.

Know Christ.
Knowledge will lead to love. Read: Father Alban Goodier’s The Public Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ and The Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Frank Sheed’s To Know Christ Jesus, or Fulton Sheen’s Life of Christ.

Morning meditation.
Write down your morning routine. When can you pray? Spend 5 minutes a day the first week, 10 minutes a day the second week, then 15. It takes two weeks to form a habit; after that, it’s easier.

Daily Rosary.
Get daily contact with Mary in this “summary of the Gospel.” Our “Guide to the Rosary” is a full-color booklet showing how to pray the rosary the way the Pope recommends, including 10 brief meditations per mystery.

Nightly examination of conscience.
At bedtime, make it a habit to review your day before God. Sin blocks prayer.

Weekly Eucharistic Adoration.
Christ is truly present — body, blood, soul and divinity — in the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle of every Catholic Church. A Holy Hour is enormously beneficial.

Annual retreat.
Go on an annual retreat where you will be able to spend deep “quality time” with Christ.