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Growing Pains

by Dr. Leela Francisco

Growing up isn't easy. There are so many changes taking place in your body as you move from child to adult, it isn't funny. In this column we will talk about various issues that you might have to deal with, especially related to health - physical, emotional and spiritual. This also includes various moral decisions you have to make in social situations, relationships and interaction with the world. We live in such a complicated world today, and are constantly bombarded with choices that we are often ill equipped to make. This if often due to lack of knowledge about their long term consequences. The easy way out is to give in to peer pressure or just do what a friend is doing!

We encourage you to e-mail us your questions that are relevant to you and your situation and we pray for the Holy Spirit to lead us in giving you answers based on the Word of God along with practical guidance to your well being. We hope these will be the "rocks" that you will build your life on.

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