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Andrew Peterson

by Kim Jones

It is not uncommon for people to approach Andrew Peterson after concerts to share how his songs have impacted their lives. From a woman suffering with depression who found hope in "After the Last Tear Falls," to the older married couple inspired by Peterson's musical account of Sarah and Abraham... "When I hear stories like that, about how a song actually made an objective difference in someone's life, I marvel at God's ability to use a goofball like me for His own ends," he says.

"When I first started writing, I hoped that somehow God would affect someone through me the way I was affected through the life and work of Rich (Mullins)," continues Peterson. "I don't know if that's happened, if it'll ever happen, or even if that's still what I want. All I know is that I'm sinful, prideful, capable of all sorts of things, and God has still remained faithful. He uses my lyrics for things far beyond the reach of my intention or ability, and shows me daily that it isn't me or my songs doing His work, it's Him."

Maybe it's his keen eye for lyrical detail or perhaps it's his endearing (if occasionally foot-in-mouth) sincerity with his listeners that makes him so popular. Whatever it is, this preacher's kid, who pours over the Bible stories he learned while growing up, and makes them into songs is hitting the mark.

Andrew Peterson Discography

  1. Behold the Lamb of God, 2004
  2. Love and Thunder, 2003
  3. Clear to Venus, 2001
  4. Carried Along, 2000

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