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Andy Hunter

by Kim Jones

At first glance, there is something delightfully incongruous about Andy Hunter. Seeing him in day to day life, no one would guess that the man is a world-class DJ cranking out pounding music in many of the hippest clubs around the world.

With media like Rolling Stone giving his latest album, Exodus, props and endorsements by Microsoft for national licensing and promotion opportunities, Hunter has found himself touring the U.S., Japan and Europe with top names in the dance music business. For an artist like Hunter-who'd worked some eight years in relative obscurity-the experience was mind-boggling.

But he refused bragging rights. In fact, the notoriety makes him somewhat uncomfortable. His music isn't about achieving fame, he says. It's about expressing who he's meant to be in Christ.

"It's not about a style of music, it's about a lifestyle," he says. "To me it's about a love relationship with Jesus," an expression of living daily with Christ through prayer, study and worship. It's Hunter's desire to bring others into their own intimate experience with God.

"The more we fall in love with Jesus, then the more natural to our lifestyle acts of worship becomes. So, I'm a DJ. I'm into dance music, so whatever I'm writing is an expression of worship to God. Through our art, we're communicating-communing- with God. I want to get out pieces of music that capture people's attention, not necessarily a lyric, but an atmosphere or a feeling that expresses the heart," he says.

Andy Hunter Discography

  1. Life, 2005
  2. Exodus, 2002

Learn more about Andy Hunter by visiting his web site.

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