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Bebo Norman

by Kim Jones

Bebo Norman has written many spirited songs over the years, but his creative energy reached new levels on his latest release, Try. Bebo soaked up newfound inspiration and poured it into an album filled with honest, compelling music.

The performer celebrated his most successful album, Myself When I Am Real, in 2002. As the momentum from that release mounted, he toured in the U.S and the U.K. and graced the covers of CCM and Premier magazines. Not bad for a boy from my own hometown of Columbus, Georgia.

Going back two years, Bebo constantly toured to promote his 2002 release. Yet as he stood on stage saying how we are all the same, he realized it wasn't true - his fans got to go home to a handful of people, while he simply went to another city alone. He recalls, "I had let those moments on stage and talking to people after shows become the intimate moments of my life, the end all and total of me sharing my heart."

With so much continued success, Bebo had found no time to grow deep relationships. Knowing he needed more, Bebo "disappeared" into a quiet time of personal evaluation and emerged seeking relationships of depth. With new priorities the singer found fresh inspiration in every area of his life and the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. They wed in November of 2004.

Bebo embraced the new challenges of married life, and his new album shows creative growth and the heart of an authentic artist. Filled with passion, Try portrays Bebo sitting in someone's living room pouring his heart out through song.

Bebo Norman Discography

  1. Try, 2004
  2. Myself When I Am Real, 2002
  3. Big Blue Sky, 2001
  4. Ten Thousand Days, 1999
  5. The Fabric of Verse, 1996

Bebo Norman Quick Facts

  1. While studying Biology at a South Carolina college, Bebo began playing at Young Life camps in his spare time.
  2. After getting his degree he decided to take "one year off" before medical school to try his hand at music.
  3. His first CD, an independent release called The Fabric of Verse, sold nearly 50,000 copies.
  4. His first national release, Ten Thousand Days, debuted at #3 on the Internet Sales Chart ahead of Backstreet Boys and Sarah MacLachlan.
  5. In 2003 Bebo received 7 Dove Award nominations.

Learn more about Bebo Norman by visiting his web site.

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