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Casting Crowns

by Kim Jones

At the core of Casting Crowns is Mark Hall, a youth pastor for the past 12 years. The band grew out of two of Hall's stops along his youth ministry path. They recorded two well-received independent records, distributed mainly in the Atlanta, GA area. They were tempted to send their CD's to record labels, but after praying about it, decided that they were supposed to just keep doing what they had been doing. It wasn't that God had other plans for them, it was that He just had a different plan for them.

Enter a college student named Chase Tremont. Chase had one of their CD's and he shared it with his basketball coach, who was friends with Mark Miller of Sawyer Brown. Chase met Mark and he asked him to listen to the CD. Mark didn't know what he could do for the band, but he wanted to be supportive. He hung on to the CD until the right opportunity to tell other industry colleagues about the band came.

The right moment came on a vacation with the families of two friends, Provident President Terry Hemmings and Steven Curtis Chapman. All three men wanted to help the group and Beach Street Records was born. Beach Street wanted Casting Crowns to be their first band. The rest, as they say, is history.

Casting Crowns Discography

  1. Casting Crowns, 2003
  2. Live From Atlanta, 2004
  3. Lifesong, August, 2005

Casting Crowns Members

  1. Hector Cervantes - Guitars/Vocals
    Favorite Book of the Bible - Psalms
  2. Juan Devevo - Guitars/Vocals
    Favorite Book of the Bible - Hebrews
  3. Melodee Devevo - Violin/Vocals
    Favorite Book of the Bible - James
  4. Megan Garrett - Keys/Vocals
    Favorite Book of the Bible - Isaiah
  5. Mark Hall - Lead Vocals
    Favorite Book of the Bible - James
  6. Chris Huffman - Bass
    Favorite Book of the Bible - James
  7. Andy Williams - Drums
    Favorite Book of the Bible - Revelations

Learn more about Casting Crowns by visiting their web site.

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