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Chris Rice

by Kim Jones

Chris Rice is a popular artist, but his lyrics aren't always warmly received because he writes to reach beyond the comfortable confines of the Christian subculture. Rice grew up as the second of four sons born to Christian bookstore owners. He credits his parents and other adults for shaping his purpose in life and providing a backbone to his faith. It's their influence that drives his work today.

"When I was growing up, I know that the most important elements that built my faith were the people who were a part of my life, not just the books I read or the music I listened to. So I've always been committed to spend as much time in people's lives, especially younger people's lives, as possible because I know that made such a huge difference in my faith. I really believe the best use of my life and my time is to spend it with kids and to be in their lives on a life-on-life kind of way."

The young Chris didn't dream of a career in music or youth work, but he wandered into both and found where he was meant to be. After taking piano lessons, Chris began using his talents while attending Union University in Jackson, TN, to lead worship services. What began as a collegiate ministry soon turned into a full-time career. For the past two decades Chris has spent his time as an itinerant youth pastor. Building those mentoring relationships is why, he says, he's alive.

Chris Rice Discography

  1. What a Heart Is Beating For (2007)
  2. Peace Like a River: The Hymns Project (2007)
  3. Inside Out (2005)
  4. Amusing (2005)
  5. Snapshots: Live and Fan Favorites: February 8, 2005 (2005)
  6. Short Term Memories (2004)
  7. Run the Earth, Watch the Sky (2003)
  8. The Living Room Sessions (2001)
  9. Living Room Sessions: Christmas (2001)
  10. Smell the Color 9 (2000)
  11. Past the Edges (1998)
  12. Deep Enough to Dream (1997)

Learn more about Chris Rice by visiting his web site.

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