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The Crabb Family

by Kim Jones

From a church in rural Kentucky this group of five siblings has broken through the musical barriers that we find in the industry today, reaching people from all walks of life with the message of the gospel. From large festivals to smaller churches and everywhere in between, the Crabb Family has an annual concert attendance that reaches over 800,000 and they have been featured on stages ranging from Red Rocks to Carnegie Hall. They have won seven Doves as a band as well as numerous other awards and have had 15 number one songs. Father, Gerald, writes the majority of their music and mother Kathy works in the management of the group making this a family affair.

Despite the huge success, the Crabb Family remains devoted to the calling and purpose on which their ministry was founded. Jason, Kelly, Adam, Aaron, and Terah share a common desire to reach the lost. They are not hindered by opinion or manmade limitations, but willing to accept any challenge that comes their way. God has honored their obedience and willingness with open doors beyond expectation. The future of Christian Music as a whole can expect growth and expansion with the Crabb Family on the team.

The Crabb Family Discography

  1. The Best of the Crabb Family (2009)
  2. The Hits... Live (2008)
  3. Letting Go (2007)
  4. Blur the Lines (2006)
  5. The Locket (2005)
  6. Live at Brooklyn Tabernacle (2005)
  7. Super Southern Gospel: The Crabb Family (2005)
  8. Crabb Fest Live 2004 (2005)
  9. Driven (2004)
  10. Crabb Fest Live 2003 (2004)
  11. A Crabb Collection (2003)
  12. The Walk (2003)
  13. Living out the Dream (2001)
  14. Pray (2000)

Learn more about The Crabb Family by visiting their web site.

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