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by Kim Jones

Meet the Band: Jonah33 is ...

  • Vince Lichlyter - lead vocals, guitar
  • Josh Dougan - drums, percussion, background vox
  • Jason Rooney - lead guitar, background vox
  • Cory Riley - bass, background vox

    This band is real and has been around the block a few times. They scrape, bleed and sweat for their vision, which has been tempered in the fire of real-life trials. They scream what they believe and believe what they scream.

    Vince Lichlyter, leader of Jonah33, has a hunger to share the gospel of Jesus. He wants to reach people who are running blind in the dark world he once inhabited on the edge of suicide and murder.

    "I grew up in the midst of the whole grunge explosion," he says. "My parents and I went our separate ways when I was 17." Though he was "into drugs, violence and sex" and leading "a trash of a life," Lichlyter has a coming-home story.

    "Toward the end, I was living with a crank dealer, and after a bad deal, we got a call saying everybody in the house was gonna get killed," he recalls. "So the dealer split…but I stayed in the house for two weeks. By this point I already ran off all my friends and my parents, and I was sitting in this house, completely wasted and freaked out, and contemplating suicide. Finally I called my dad, and we talked about it. He paid for a round-trip plane ticket and let me come home to live with them."

    But there's a twist in the tale: Home for Lichlyter's parents was now Wickes, Arkansas (pop. 500). "The culture shock was hard enough without the first few days I spent detoxing," he notes. "But the plane ticket my dad got had an open-ended return, so I could go back to Seattle whenever I wanted."

    That would never come to pass. Once a local youth pastor took Lichlyter to lunch and told him about Jesus, the future rock singer wasn't going anywhere.

    Jonah33 Discography

    1. Jonah33
    2. Watching You Die
    3. Too Much of Me
    4. All For You
    5. Faith Like That
    6. Death and The Life
    7. Beautiful
    8. God of My Life
    9. All That Matters
    10. Shine
    11. The Difference

    Learn more about Jonah33 by visiting their site web site.

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