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Matt Redman

by Kim Jones

His songs have impacted congregations across the world. Leading a generation of worshippers, his music has also been recorded by such popular artists as Michael W. Smith and Rebecca St. James. As Redman continues to be an inspiration in worship settings around the world, he is committed to the role God has placed on his life. Whether it's providing new songs for congregational worship or mentoring new songwriters and worship leaders, he has become one of the defining artists of this generation.

"I can look back on the past few years of writing songs and see what God has been doing in my life," says Redman. "It's a bit like journaling. It's just part of me and it's how I let my heart overflow before God. But on top of that, when you've poured out your heart to God in a little room somewhere, and then one day you visit a church in another country and they're singing your song, it's a great encouragement, because ultimately that's what the songs are for.

It makes me more passionate about trying to write songs in a way that lots of different people can sing. That's the heart behind it all. Sing first with an eye towards God - let every melody and word be an inspired heartfelt response to Him. But sing also with the church in mind - crafting that inspiration in a way that might help others give voice to their worship of Jesus."

Matt Redman Discography

  1. We Shall Not Be Shaken (2009)
  2. Beautiful News (2006)
  3. Blessed Be Your Name the Songs of Matt Redman, Vol. 1 (2005)
  4. Facedown (2004)
  5. Where Angels Fear to Tread (2002)
  6. Friendship/Father's Song (2000)
  7. Intimacy (1998), released as The Heart of Worship (2002) in USA (1999)
  8. The Friendship and the Fear (1998)
  9. Passion For Your Name (1995)
  10. Wake Up My Soul (1993)

Learn more about Matt Redman by visiting his web site.

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