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Michael Card

by Kim Jones

In a career that spans nearly 30 years, Michael Card has authored or co-authored 9 books, recorded over 20 albums, hosted two radio programs, written for a wide range of magazines and started his own magazine.

In everything he does, Card seeks to encourage listeners to join him in his journey to know and be known by God by talking with one another. To that end Card has branched out beyond the music into the various mediums he uses today, all for the purpose of teaching the Word of God, his ultimate desire.

Albert Einstein said that the proof of knowing something well is to be able to explain it simply, and while Card doesn't call himself an expert in any of the topics he tackles, the depth of his knowledge can be appreciated by his ability to then teach about what he has learned. His vision is to edify the Body of Christ around the world by sharing experiences and resources in the context of community in order to help facilitate the growth of smaller and more intimate communities within churches and neighborhoods.

"While I believe our personal lives can be impacted by reading a good book or listening to someone share their testimony on the radio whether on a talk show or in a song, they are all one-sided in nature", says Card. "In my opinion, nothing comes close to the type of life changes that happen when believers get together and share both the Word and their testimony."

Michael Card Discography

  1. Hymns (2008)
  2. The Ultimate Collection (2006)
  3. The Hidden Face of God (2006)
  4. A Fragile Stone (2003)
  5. Sleep Sound in Jesus Platinum Gift Edition (2002)
  6. Scribbling in the Sand: The Best of Michael Card (2002)
  7. Soul Anchor (2000)
  8. Signature Songs (1999)
  9. Starkindler: A Celtic Conversation Across Time (1998)
  10. Unveiled Hope (1997)
  11. Close Your Eyes So You Can See (1996)
  12. Poiema (1996)
  13. Michael Card - Joy in the Journey: 10 Years of Greatest Hits (1994)
  14. Ancient Faith (1993)
  15. Come to the Cradle (1993)
  16. The Word: Recapturing the Imagination (1992)
  17. The Promise (1991)
  18. The Early Works (1991)
  19. The Way of Wisdom (1990)
  20. The Beginning (1989)
  21. Sleep Sound in Jesus (1989)
  22. The Life: The Complete Recorded Trilogy On The Life Of Christ (1988)
  23. Present Reality (1988)
  24. The Final Word (1987)
  25. Scandalon (1985)
  26. Known by the Scars (1983)
  27. Legacy (1983)
  28. First Light (1981)

For more about Michael Card, including samples of his music, visit his web site.

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