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Natalie Grant

by Kim Jones

Natalie Grant has as much voice anyone could wish for—a clear, powerful and emotive instrument that makes listeners shake their heads and ask "how does anything big come out of someone so little?"

She is lovely—strikingly so. It's clear the woman has never taken a bad photograph. She has presence-that intangible it factor that makes a room come alive when she's in it. Take her from that room and put her on a stage and she's poised and confident and graceful-and commanding. But she's no diva. However fashionable it may be to lead with attitude, to present a veneer of un-self-critical, in-your-face self-esteem, Natalie has made a deliberate choice to take her audience beyond the surface, to make her music always about—first and last—the things of the Spirit.

"I'm convinced that what people really want-from music and their lives-is depth," Natalie states, "and I feel like I have a responsibility to take them there. So much pop music today is disposable—the attitudes, the posturing, the styles—but it seems to be less about music than it is about appearance, about fashion. Now, there's nothing wrong with fashion—I love that stuff as much or more than the next girl—I just don't want it to define me. But the deeper things in life—values, relationships, family, and my faith in Christ—they are what's most attractive about a person. And they're why I sing."

Natalie Grant Discography

  1. Relentless (2008)
  2. Believe (2005)
  3. Awaken (2005)
  4. Worship With Natalie Grant and Friends (2004)
  5. Deeper Life (2003)
  6. Stronger (2001)
  7. Natalie Grant (1999)

Learn more about Natalie Grant by visiting her web site.

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