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Paul Colman

by Kim Jones

Paul Colman, the former Paul Colman Trio frontman, led PC3 for five years and four albums. But in 2004 he decided to pursue a solo career. "That season was simply over for me, and it was financially impossible for us to continue," Colman explains. "I just wanted to do something different. I wanted flexibility because there is much more to me than being the singer of a band."

Committed to seeking label support for his solo efforts, Paul's ability to "make things happen" drove him to hire a publicist and canvass Gospel Music Week 2004. On the conference's last day Colman felt unsettled. He gave away his ticket to the evening's ceremonies and called his wife. "I'm coming home," he said.

He continues, "I felt like God was saying, 'Go back to your family and you'll find the songs. I am where the songs are. Your family is where I am first in your life.'" Everything else would follow from there. Drawing into his family and his Creator, he found inspiration.

"When you're doing what you're most passionate about, you're more connected to who you are at your core. That's how I felt when I started in music," says Colman. "I think the passion is really there again."

Paul Colman Discography

  • Let it Go, 2005
  • One Voice, One Guitar 2, 2005
  • One Voice, One Guitar, 1998
  • The Band Thing, 1997


  • One, 2003
  • New Map of the World, 2002
  • Live Acoustic, 2001
  • Live Electric, 2001
  • Live in USA, 2001
  • Turn, 2000
  • Serious Fun, 1999
  • Learn more about Paul Colman by visiting his web site.

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