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Phillips, Craig & Dean

by Kim Jones

Randy Phillips, Shawn Craig and Dan Dean have been working hard for more than 13 years, turning up regularly to prove themselves faithful through a musical ministry that has won them scores of faithful fans-not to mention 18 No. 1 singles, several Dove Award nominations and sales near the 2 million mark. Known for their ability to write songs the church loves to sing (including "Mercy Came Running" and "Crucified With Christ"), this trio brings an experience and maturity to today's modern worship movement, that is backed heavily by their positions as pastors. Their style of vertical worship seeks to connect Christians with their Creator and does it quite well.

While the challenge of balancing local ministry with a music career can make life hectic at times, Phillips, Craig & Dean still have plenty left to say and a calling they still hear loud and clear. "Everybody has a calling they must be faithful to. Ours is to call the church into a closer intimacy with Jesus and we do that through our music," Phillips says. "The topics of how we should love Jesus and what He means to us are inexhaustible, and singing of His attributes is an honor that will never be exhausted."

Phillips, Craig & Dean Discography

  1. Let the Worshippers Arise (2004)
  2. Let Your Glory Fall (2003)
  3. Let My Words Be Few (2001)
  4. Restoration (1999)
  5. Favorite Songs of All (1998)
  6. Where Strength Begins (1997)
  7. Repeat the Sounding Joy (1996)
  8. Trust (1995)
  9. Lifeline (1993)
  10. Phillips, Craig & Dean (1992)

For more about Phillips, Craig & Dean, including samples of their music, visit their web site.

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