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by Kim Jones

Planetshakers is more than a band name or a ministry and it's not an isolated experience. Planetshakers is a movement that's sweeping Australia off its feet. The concept is simple: combine cutting edge speakers with relevant topics and worship music under the context of a super charged conference.

"There's something powerful that happens when you mesh a spoken word message with the energy and explosion of live music," explains Planetshakers' founder and director Russell Evans. "This generation is looking for energetic, raw passion and they're attracted to anything they can perceive as real. Seeing the enthusiastic blend is attractive to people. That passion on stage, no matter if it's speaking or singing, makes them hungry."

Planetshakers have been feeding the once spiritually bankrupt since 1997 when its first weekend conference was staged in front of 300 students at Paradise Community Church in South Australia. In the years that followed, the event grew at rapid rates, reaching 4,000 attendees by January 2000. Recently, Planetshakers pulled in 20,000 faithful in three major Australian cities.

"Other than God's hand being over the ministers, I think the reason for the growth is because Planetshakers understands young people's needs and are able to bring it beyond just a worship experience," contends Evans as he speaks of getting young people plugged into ministry. "It all boils down to the fact that this is an instrument in raising up a new generation for the church."

Planetshakers Facts :

  1. Russell Evans: Founder, creative director, leading international youth communicator, pastor; husband of Sam Evans
  2. Sam Evans: Songwriter, vocals; co-leader of the Planetshakers music team; wife of Russell Evans
  3. Henry Seeley: Creative director, producer, singer/songwriter, musician; co-leader of the Planetshakers music team
  4. Mike Guglielmucci: Songwriter, musician, engineer; youth pastor at Planetshakers Church in Melbourne

Planetshakers Discography

  1. Deeper (2009)
  2. Beautiful Saviour (2008)
  3. All for Love (2008)
  4. Free (2008)
  5. Saviour of the World (2007)
  6. Never Stop (2007)
  7. Arise (2005)
  8. Evermore (2005)
  9. Always and Forever (2004)
  10. (My King) Live Praise & Worship (2003)
  11. Open Up the Gates (2003)

Learn more about Planetshakers by visiting their web site.

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