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Rita Springer

by Kim Jones

Since the age of 11, Rita Springer has been playing piano and writing music and for the past decade, she has been doing what she loves best. Worship. Writing worship. Leading worship. Living worship. The singer/songwriter has recorded 6 albums and toured the world, sharing her music and her heart with anyone who will listen. Her powerful vocals, unabashed lyrics, and philosophy of complete and utter openness before God have made her stand out in the worship community.

"My heart has always been to see people come into a perspective of worship that leads them to lifestyle membership and true ownership in Jesus. I have learned that He truly is the Best Friend, Father, Savior, and Lover of my soul," Rita shares. "Although writing and singing worship music is what I spend my days doing as a sort of 'career,' my flesh has had an awakening that worship is not bound by melodies or what my songs look like on Power Point presentations. Discovering that I gain more of him by simply lifting up admiration due his name has stunned me. This journey that I am on gives me the honor of watching the Bride, as a whole, capture the true intention of worship. As a worshipper, I want to reflect who He is and who He stands for - the poor, the widow, the orphan. I want the music to reflect the state of broken hearts realizing He is worth the pursuit! His light cuts through all darkness. There is nothing that will separate us from his love or the worship that is due His Name!"

Rita Springer Discography

  1. To The Moon
  2. Love Covers
  3. Created To Worship
  4. All I Have
  5. Effortless
  6. Rise Up
  7. Rise Up LIVE
  8. I Have to Believe

Learn more about Rita Springer by visiting her web site.

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