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Road to Revelation - The Story of My Band

by Kim Jones

Editor's Note: For the past several weeks Kim Jones has been bringing our readers information about the best singers and bands in Christian music. Kim, herself, is the lead singer of a band called Road to Revelation. We invited her to write about them this week. May I ask you to join us here on the HSI team to pray for her, her family and for her band, as a token of our gratitude.

Road to Revelation is more than a band - it's a ministry, a journey and a way of life.

Life is like the streets in a city block. There are plenty of side-streets, turn-arounds and dead ends. God allows us to map our own route, but He is always there to guide us on our trip. The Bible tells us that our world is on the road to Revelation and has been since the Resurrection of Christ. The dictionary defines a revelation as "something revealed". Our hope is that our music will reveal God's love to the people who hear it.

Our story is not an unusual one; saved as children, rebellious as teens and too busy for God as young adults. But one day our world came crashing down. In a blink, everything we'd spent years building was on the verge of being gone. There was no "fixing it" on our own, and we turned to God to restore what we were destroying.

The musical talents that we'd used for our own glory and then carelessly set aside had new life breathed into them. Music became our passion and songs about Jesus came at a rapid pace. Road to Revelation was born and we soon found ourselves working with local churches and youth. One CD, several wrong turns, a few dead ends and lots of prayer and growth later, we have found our way. We're on the journey of a lifetime, with God at the wheel, and we're hanging on and enjoying the ride.

Learn more about Road to Revelation by visiting their web site.

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