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by Kim Jones

With over 1 million records sold, pioneering modern worship and GRAMMY nominated band Sonicflood is still going strong, even after a near ending. After a band break-up, some wondered if the most popular band in the Praise and Worship genre' was truly finished, but they needn't have been concerned. Rick Heil is still at the helm with a new lineup that includes Bryan Willard on bass, Trey Hill and Jordan Jameson on guitars, and Ben Showalter on drums.

Frontman Rick Heil hopes that their latest project will encourage people to remember that God's heart is truly good, "This Generation is a proclamation to all generations to fulfill what we were all created for-to worship God. Although it is a simple concept, during difficult circumstances we tend to doubt God's heart."

Determined not to underestimate the current generation, Sonicflood refuses to deliver a message that's watered down. "We want to bring the truth and what's real. Our enemy is hard at work. There's no time to play around. The things I desire to share with the people who come to our concerts is something meaningful, something real that's useful," Heil says. "Something they can sink their teeth into when times are screwed up, when life's falling apart or when it's going great."

Sonicflood Discography

  1. This Generation
  2. Resonate
  3. Cry Holy
  4. Sonicpraise
  5. Sonicflood

Learn more about Sonicflood by visiting their web site.

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