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Steven Curtis Chapman

by Kim Jones

"The only decent art I've ever created has been out of the overflow of my heart." Though it's true that most of us tend to be our own worst critics, and that many of us tend to don a bit of false humility when complimented, these words from Steven Curtis Chapman couldn't be more sincere, or-according to him-accurate.

"It's a weird thing that I haven't really figured out yet," Steven explains, "but the times that I have felt the need, creatively and artistically, for a fresh wind to blow in my life, the music has really matched what was going on in my heart."

There has been a lot going on in the heart of this accomplished and well-honored artist of late. Not content to rest on his laurels (which include 47 Dove Awards, 4 Grammy Awards, an American Music Award, 2 certified platinum and 7 gold albums, 9 million total albums sold and 41 #1 radio hits), Chapman has found himself in a season of renewal at the very time he is being taught and reminded by pastors, authors and friends that the Creator of the universe is continually making all things new.

"I'm scratching my head over this as much as anybody. I have made more records than most artists ever do in their whole career, and I realize what a gift this is. But the truth is, at 41, I've never been more inspired, compelled, excited and passionate about making music as I have been in the last year."

Steven Curtis Chapman Discography

  1. All I Really Want For Christmas (2005)
  2. All Things New (2004)
  3. All About Love (2003)-2 #1 hits
  4. Christmas Is All In The Heart (2003)
  5. Declaration (2001)-3 #1 hits
  6. Speechless (1999)-7 #1 hits
  7. Greatest Hits (1997)-1 #1 hit
  8. Signs of Life (1996)-5 #1 hits
  9. The Music of Christmas (1995)-1 #1 hit
  10. Heaven In the Real World (1994)-5 #1 hits
  11. The Live Adventure (1993)
  12. The Great Adventure (1992)-4 #1 hits
  13. For the Sake of the Call (1990)-5 #1 hits
  14. More To This Life (1989)-4 #1 hits
  15. Real Life Conversations (1988)-1 #1 hit
  16. First Hand (1987)

Steven Curtis Chapman Quick Facts

  1. Steven was born and raised in Paducah, Kentucky
  2. He is married to Mary Beth Chapman, and they have six children - Emily (17), Caleb (13), Will Franklin (12), Shaohannah (4 1/2), Stevey Joy (2) and newly adopted Maria (1).
  3. Steven has authored four books: Shaoey & Dot (2004), Great Adventure (2001), I Will Be Here (2000), Speechless (1999)
  4. The Chapman family has created "Shaohannah's Hope," a foundation to help families with funding for adoption (www.shaohannahshope.com)
  5. He has performed at the White House and has had soundtrack cuts on such films as "We Were Soldiers" (Mel Gibson), "The Apostle" (Robert Duvall) and "The Prince of Egypt."

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