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The Afters

by Kim Jones

The Afters consists of Josh Havens on vocals, keys and guitar, Brad Wigg on bass and vocals, Marc Dodd on drums, and Matt Fuqua on guitars and vocals. The foursome, from Dallas, TX, spent seven years as an indie act, honing their Smashing Pumpkins-meets-Coldplay style rock before meeting Bart Millard of MercyMe. The band first came to his attention when they opened for MercyMe at a Halloween show in 2001, recalls Fuqua. They made an instant impression on Millard, who says, "I was really nervous to follow them because they were so amazing. They're one of the best live bands I've ever seen." Months later, they ended up signing with him as the flagship band for Simple Records.

Havens and Fuqua first came together to play for a missions conference at Dallas Theological Seminary. After their show earned a positive response, they graduated to a club show. They later added Wigg, who had fronted a blues band, and Dodd, who worked with the guys at Starbucks.

Their debut, I Wish We All Could Win, draws its title from track "Someday". Josh Havens says, "It's about somebody close to me who turned their back on the truth. You know, we're all in this race. We're all trying to figure out why we're here, and ultimately when we get to the end, there are winners and losers. I wish we all could win."

The Afters Discography

  1. I Wish We All Could Win, 2005

Learn more about The Afters by visiting their site web site.

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