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Todd Agnew

by Kim Jones

When you meet Todd Agnew, you'll realize that he's a T-shirt and jeans kind of guy.

Todd knows that it's because he chose to listen to God's still, small voice that he's been able to sing loudly from stage. Spending years serving in the worship field, he traveled to churches that needed music where God sharpened his performance and writing skills before even thinking about making a record.

His signing with Ardent didn't come the "normal" way. He just wanted to use their studio but Dana Key had other plans after hearing Todd. "Walking by where Todd was recording, I found myself stopping and listening to his music," says Dana. "It wasn't long before I wanted to get involved. Similarly, whenever I play some of Todd's music for people, it has the same effect of stopping them in their tracks. His music is definitely not background material-it's music that demands attention."

For Todd, being cognizant of his surroundings is a strength when it comes to relating to people and leading worship. It's all part of his primary goal. "My focus when I play as a worship leader is to worship honestly. If you can't sing something honestly, don't sing it; you're not fooling God," Todd says. "He's not getting any honor by you singing a line you don't mean. If that means you have to leave out a line, that's fine. We're not up here taking attendance, seeing who's singing which line. Worship from where you are."

And if you're wearing a T-shirt and jeans, that's fine, too.

Todd Agnew Discography

  1. Grace Like Rain, 2003
  2. Reflection of Something, 2005
  3. Do You See What I See? 2006

Todd Agnew Quick Facts

  1. With a Native American background, Todd was adopted by Texas parents.
  2. He was a worship leader at his church prior to being signed by Ardent.
  3. Todd's venture with Ardent didn't come the usual way. His interest wasn't in becoming an Ardent artist at all. He simply wanted to use their studio to record.
  4. Todd's favorite food on the road is Triscuits and Dasani.
  5. Todd plays a Taylor Custom Walnut and a Takamine 96 ltd. Ed. acoustic guitar and a '74 Tele Custom and a PRS custom 22 electric.

Learn more about Todd Agnew by visiting his web site.

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