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Reflection for the Month: Care for the Sick

Dan lies ill in a two-room flat. He has cancer. His wife died some years ago, leaving him to raise two sons. Financially he survived form pay cheque to pay cheque, but now he can no longer work. There are no more pay cheques, and he cannot afford medical insurance. Luckily for Dan, Hospice has come into his life, providing not only medical care but spiritual support. Dan is among the lucky ones!

Throughout our world, millions in the poorest nations do not receive any medical care. White drugs and treatments that could alleviate their sufferings are available in prosperous nations, the poorest countries simply cannot afford them. Thousands of people die daily, sometimes because of their own corrupt governments but sometimes because those pharmaceutical companies that could help are not prepared to stretch out their hands in solidarity with the world’s poor.

Christians, governments and company leaders should never forget the judgment that God reserves for those who neglect the poor, the hungry and the sick. So let us pray this month that all sick people receive the care which befits their dignity as human beings and as beloved children of God.

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