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Prayer for the Month: Aid of Refugees

There is a shanty village near Manila, capital of the Philippines, which a friend and I visited one Sunday morning. We entered through a small unobtrusive gate. To our left was the high wall of a well-to-do home. Against this wall were rough shacks made of light timber or corrugated sheets stretching as far as the eye could see. There was a narrow mud footpath, and to our right more shacks built over a stream that served as toilet, sewer and waste disposal unit. The shacks were closely packed in a maze of twisting and turning mud alleyways: homes to some five hundred families or over thousand people.

There was no privacy in that crowed ghetto. Most people were jobless and they survived by sharing what little they had with watch other. They had no hospitals, no medical care, no welfare institutions or dole. They were among the poorest of the poor. That barrio symbolizes in many ways the millions of refugees who live abandoned and in extreme need in our world. As people flee from their homelands on account of famine, war or persecution, we must never forget that they are our brothers and sisters, and as Christians we are called to come to their aid in very concrete ways.

Your Daily Prayer

Loving Father,
I offer you all that I do today:
my thoughts, works, joys and sufferings.
I desire to join my heart this day
to the heart of your son,
who gave himself up totally to you service
and to the service of others.
Through your Spirit,
may I live like him,
joined to his offering in the Eucharist.

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