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Prayer for the Month: World Youth Day

Some years ago, a nineteen-years-old girl, speaking to a group of school principals, made the following observations. 'Young people live lives of very mixed emotions. It is a period of transition. They want to be "in control" of their lives, and so they often appear to be against religion which seems to impose so many restrictions. Young people have inadequate religious ideas, and often have a fear that they cannot live up to the high ideals religious faith calls for. Young people are often put down, talked at, ordered about by parents or teachers, and knocked socially by their peers. They are inward-looking. They are shy about their faith, and afraid that if they were to express it, it would ruin their image!'

So if World Youth Day is to inspire in young people a desire to meet and find in Christ their guide for life, they need to meet adult Christians who are not 'into power', but people who are happy to create a setting in which young people can experience sincere acceptance, respect and friendship, and where those who have truly encountered Jesus as the One who leads us to God in a unique way can share their story with young people in a non-threatening manner.

Your Daily Prayer
Lord Jesus Christ,
you always did the will of your Father,
and you were always open to his call,
faithful to the end.
Through the power of the Eucharist,
inspire me this day with a heart
like yours, ready, open and faithful.
Like Mary, your mother,
may I bring your love to those I meet.

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