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Prayer for the Month: All God's Children

Human dignity is based on the fact that we are all God's beloved daughters and sons. God loves us with an everlasting love and is constant in his affection for us. So if we come to realise, deep in our hearts, that we are lovable and loved by God, then we will have a sense of the dignity and worth of every human being on the planet, our own included.

To know one is loved by God is a foundational experience if one is to believe truly in human dignity. However, to experience the dignity of men and women, as intended by God, it is not enough to tell ourselves that God loves us; we need to feel that love, a love that desired us into being, and that saw everything, including each human person as good, indeed, very good. As the Psalmist says, 'You created my inmost self, knit me together in my mother's womb. For so many marvels I thank you; a wonder am I, and all your works are wonders' (Ps.139:13-14).

It is worth spending time asking God to let us feel his love and listening to him as he speaks to us through the prophet Isaiah: 'You are precious in my eyes and I love you' (Is.43:4).

Your Daily Prayer
Lord Jesus Christ,
you always did the will of your Father,
and you were always open to his call,
faithful to the end.
Through the power of the Eucharist,
inspire me this day with a heart like yours, ready, open and faithful.
Like Mary, your mother,
may I bring your love to those I meet.

I pray with Mary and the whole Church
For the Pope's intentions this month.

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