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Prayer for the Month: Human Trafficking

In 1964, Dom Helder Camara was made bishop of Olinda and Recife in Northeast Brazil, the poorest and least developed region of the country. In a larger sense, he was the bishop of all those everywhere who shared his deep conviction that fostering truth and justice can overcome human tragedies. One such tragedy is the trafficking of human beings. Men, women and children are daily being sold into various forms of slavery, not only in the Developing World, but in Western society as well.

Dom Helder's prayer is apt for our time: 'Father, your Spirit told us through the mouth of Paul that the whole earth and we too, as your children, groan in the pains of a birth! It is easy, Lord, to grasp and affirm this. For there are passages so difficult and hours so filled with anguish that the image really applies: they are labour pains! Something is being born. Who knows? A world in which men and women can breathe, a more just, a more human world!' So, we pray this month that the international community recognizes its duty to put an end to human trafficking.

Your Daily Prayer
Lord Jesus Christ,
In the Eucharist you join us
With yourself in your offering to the Father.
Help me to live out that offering
in the concrete circumstances of my life today.
Send me the Holy Spirit to be with me, to guide me,
And to enable me to live in imitation of you.

I pray with Mary and the whole Church
For the Pope's intentions this month.

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