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Prayer for the Month: Abuse of Women

Women's oppression is age-old, and has permeated history from time immemorial. For generation after generation, women were kept in a state of submission, often being regarded simply as men's property. Even today, though much progress has been made in the Western World, women are frequently physically ill-treated, and in many cases are the victims of their own husbands.

The abuse of women and young girls in the Developing World is chilling. Sexual tourism, and the violation women suffer as a consequence, is often at the hands of European and North American men. Some cultures practice the sewing of young women's vaginal lips, that the bridegroom will open with a knife on the wedding day. There are 110 million women and girls with their genital organs mutilated, and two million more are mutilated each year. In China, India, Bangladesh and South Korea, infanticide selective abortions abound, and ninety-nine percent of the victims are girls. As a consequence, for example, China has 52 million more men than women of marriageable age. Such victimization calls for our prayers, and this is why we should pray that the individual, social and political rights of women in every nation be respected.

Your Daily Prayer
Father in heaven,
I ask you to send me your
Holy Spirit to be with me all during this day.
May all my intentions, everything I do,
all I say and think, be for your greater glory and praise.
Unite me with your Son, Jesus Christ,
who came to serve and not to be served,
offering his life for people everywhere.

I pray with Mary and the whole Church
For the Pope's intentions this month.

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