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Prayer for the Month: Conditions for Peace

The Second Vatican Council had this to say about the establishment of peace: 'If peace is to be established, the first condition is to root out those causes of discord between people which lead to wars, especially injustice. Much discord is caused by excessive economic inequalities and by delays in correcting them. Other causes are a desire for power and contempt for people and, at a deeper level, envy, distrust, pride, and other selfish passions. The result is that, even in the absence of war, the world is constantly beset by strife and violence.

'Similar evils bedevil relations between nations. If these are to be remedied or prevented, and if unlimited recourse to violence is to be restrained, it is of the greatest importance that international bodies work more effectively and more resolutely to co-ordinate their efforts. Finally, people should work unsparingly to set up bodies to promote peace' (The Church in the Modern World, section. 83). We are asked to pray that we, the People of God, through the gifts of the Holy Spirit, contribute in whatever way we can to the growth of justice and peace in our world.

Your Daily Prayer
Lord Jesus Christ, you came among us
Through Mary's 'yes' to God. Help me this day
To say 'yes' to the Father's call to me,
so that in my words and actions,
in times of work and leisure,
you can be present in me
through the power of the Eucharist to heal,
to comfort and to sustain.

I pray with Mary and the whole Church
For the Pope's intentions this month.

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