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Prayer for the Month: Generosity of our God

Sara Maitland, in her wonderful book, A Big Enough God, makes the point that 'if the cosmos, matter itself, exists in love, rather that from some bureaucratic or edifying reason, it can, indeed it must, be free to grow, develop, evolve, change, experiment ? profligately, extravagantly, randomly.

'The first ping into being of the first hydrogen atom from nothing, unthinkable and violently radical though that was, cannot be enough for love ? any more than looking at a new-born baby, or spotting someone seriously fanciable at a party can be enough; you desire the person you love to display more and more of what he or she is to be, is in the process of becoming, to change and grow and respond, It is only in this context of this extraordinary activity that we can truly rejoice in the generosity of our God; that we can live free from fear; that we can choose love, and participation and joy; that we can realize what we have truly been given.'

So the wondrous birth of a child and the sometimes hidden beauty that belongs to the sick and elderly call out to us to surround them with constant love, affection and care.

Your Daily Prayer
Loving Father,
I offer you all that I do today:
my thoughts, works, joys and sufferings.
I desire to join my heart this day to the heart of your Son,
Who gave himself up totally to your service
And to the service of others.
Through your Spirit, may I live like him,
Joined to his offering in the Eucharist.

I pray with Mary and the whole Church
For the Pope's intentions this month.

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