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Prayer for the Month: Hungers of the Heart

Pope John Paul II said on one occasion that people must not relinquish themselves or their place in the visible world; they must not become the slaves of things, slaves of economic system, slaves of production, slaves of their own products.

Those in prison, especially the young, are people who have been in some ways enslaved by the excesses of the consumerist society. The tendency of people to value themselves in terms of what others do, think or possess, as well as the inability of many people to form enduring relationships, are always nudging people into possessing and accumulating more and more to fill up the vacuum in their lives. Advertising throws thousands of images at them, creating envy among the poor and fostering the notion that a happy life is defined by material possessions. Then, the superficial becomes desirable, the desirable becomes necessary and the necessary becomes essential! Since possessions alone, however, can never fill the hungers of the heart, or provide meaning to life, escapism and even hedonism are offered as substitutes, and some are tempted into a life of crime, including serious crime. We must pray that prisons, instead of being merely places of incarceration, become places where people can rediscover their own worth.

Your Daily Prayer
Eternal Father,
I offer you everything I do today,
my thoughts, works, joys and suffering.
Grant that,
enlivened by the Holy Spirit and united to Jesus in the Eucharist,
my life this day may be of service to you and to others.

I pray with Mary and the whole Church
For the Pope's intentions this month.

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