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Prayer for the Month: The Word of God

It is a sad fact that for many Catholics the Bible is a closed book or, to be more precise, a closed library of some seventy books, written over a period of a thousand years.

The Bible is often described as the 'Word of God', and so it is. When we say that the Bible is God's Word, we mean that this body of work comes from God and is related to God in a unique way. In the Judaeo-Christian tradition, God has given guidance in written form, which constitutes a record of God's dealings with Israel and the early Church. This record serves as an inspiration to the People of God down through the generations.

When we speak of the 'Word of God', we are also acknowledging that there is a human element in the Bible. People wrote down every word in Scripture. A human being thought of the biblical words, and they reflected the spiritual experience of the author's lifetime. God has conveyed this guidance through inspired human words. This is how the Word of God touches our hearts, and why it should be listened to, contemplated, loved and lived.

Your Daily Prayer
Lord Jesus Christ, your heart was full of
compassion for all men and women,
especially for those in pain and need.
Help me this day to have a heart like yours.
United with your sacrifice in the Mass, let me
not be wrapped up in my own selfish concerns,
but open to your presence in all your children.

I pray with Mary and the whole Church
For the Pope's intentions this month.

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