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Prayer for the Month: The First Disciple

At the Annunciation (Lk.1:26-38), Mary becomes the first of Jesus' disciples in the sense that she is the first in the new dispensation to hear the Word of God and the first to proclaim it, as the following scene of the Visitation demonstrates (Lk.1 :39-45). In it, Mary goes off to visit her relative, Elizabeth, who greets her as ‘the mother of my Lord'.

Luke then inserts a joyful song, in which Mary praises God, and proceeds to speak of what her Son will do during his public life. He will rout the arrogant of heart, pull down princes from their thrones and raise high the lowly. He will fill the starving with good things, and send the rich empty away (Lk.1:46-55).

Later on, Jesus proclaims to be blessed - that is, to have a special place in God's heart - those who are poor or hungry, those who weep, the excluded; while those who are rich, who have their fill and are well-spoken of, are deemed to be in a woeful situation (Lk.6:20-26).

Mary's hymn of praise is a sort of distillation of the gospel that her Son would preach, and which his disciples, and all subsequent followers, are also called upon to share with others.

Your Daily Prayer
Lord Jesus Christ, you came among us through Mary's ‘yes' to God.
Help me this day to say ‘yes' to the Father's call to me,
so that in my words and actions, in times of work and leisure,
you can be present in me through the power of the Eucharist to heal,
to comfort and to sustain.

I pray with Mary and the whole Church
For the Pope's intentions this month.

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