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Prayer for the Month: The Common Good

A Newsweek columnist recently wrote, ‘We face a choice between a society where people accept modest sacrifices for a common good, or a more contentious society where groups selfishly protect their own benefits'. The Catholic tradition defines the common good as ‘those conditions of social life which allow social groups and their members ready access to their own fulfilment'. The common good, then, consists of having the social systems and institutions, on which we all depend, work in a manner that benefits all people. Something counts as a common good only if it is a good to which all have access.

One problem encountered by attempts to promote the common good is individualism. People today place a high value on individual freedom, on allowing people to ‘do their own thing'. In this culture, it is difficult to convince people that they should sacrifice some of their freedom and some of their self-interest for the sake of the common good.

Solving the crises that bedevil society requires the replacement of the current ethic of individual rights with an ethic of the common good.

Your Daily Prayer
Eternal Father, I offer you everything I do today, my thoughts, works, joys and sufferings. Grant that, enlivened by the Holy Spirit and united to Jesus in the Eucharist, my life this day may be of service to you and to others.

I pray with Mary and the whole Church
For the Pope's intentions this month.

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